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Farm History
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"Atahi's" dam, "Raven Beauty", was an APHA black and white tobiano mare. She was by "Ney Carpenter" (black and white tobiano stallion), and out of "Keo Flicka". This fine mare started a line of American Paint Horses that has been successful in a large variety of events.

"Raven Beauty" was still sound and going strong at 32 yrs. of age. "Raven Beauty" was born in 1959, and they did not form the American Paint Horse Association (APHA) until 1963. She was registered during the time that Paint Horses were inspected (as they do in Europe) to determine what animals were going to be allowed to represent the breed and be it's foundation.

In the early 60's, prior to APHA sanctioned events in the Midwest, "Raven Beauty" outran two AAA rated Quarter Horses on a Southern Ohio brush track at 220 and 440 yds. This good mare also had wonderful endurance. Since horse trailers were an unheard of luxury at that time, when we had to move animals they were just ridden. Thirty miles was an easy afternoon's jaunt for "Raven Beauty". In those days, we were delightfully unaware that you should have to condition a horse for that type of mileage, or spend months teaching an animal to work cattle, or jump. We just "went on" and did what needed to be done or jumped that three foot high log that had fallen in the path, because we had horses that wanted to do their job, were built for the job so as to stay sound, and did it all with ease. Anything you pointed them towards, whether it be working cattle, jumping, going cross country, giving a child their first horseback ride, or match racing on Saturday night, they went about it willingly and with more talent than anything around!

"Raven Beauty's" dam, Keo Flicka was a good bay mare owned by my grandfather, Kearney Ogdin. From 1956 through the 60's, out of the 75-100 head of horses and ponies that were on his farm, depending on whether the spring foal crop was still there or sold, she was his "riding" horse. This mare, "Atahi's" grand-dam, was still sound and working at 38 years of age! "Atahi" will be 31 years old on July 8, 2004, and doesn't have a bump on him! From the looks of his get and grand-get, they are following in their ancestors' footsteps. Not one of "Atahi's" offspring has had to interrupt their career due to unsoundness!


Ogdin Running Horse
1925 - Rider: Kearny Ogdin (my grandfather at 25 years of age). Baby in background, Maxine Ogdin (my mother, now Maxine Griffith). This horse is not Atahi's grand-dam but was one of my grandfather's "riding" horses. He always rode good stock! In the 20's your "riding" horse was the horse that helped pay the bills. You worked cattle on 'em through the week, raced 'em on Saturday night and drove them to church on Sunday. Click here for an enlarged photo of the Ogdin Running Horse.

It is nearly impossible to find the original Foundation Quarter Horse blood as old and as strong as that which "Atahi" carries! If you are a student of pedigree, you will be impressed with the great horses listed. You only have to look four down on "Atahi's" sire's pedigree (100% Foundation Quarter Horse), to read Old Sorrel, Bailey, Little Joe, Della Moore, Chicaro Bill, and Peter McCue. The AQHA numbers just three down on his sire's pedigree read Silver King #183, Scar Face S #5863, Tinker Toy #4448, Silver Starlet #647, Joe Moore #1856, Marina #2365, and Chief P-5. It doesn't get any better than that! These are the best horses, raised by the best breeders in the history of the Quarter Horse industry.

The combination of the outstanding ability of "Atahi's" APHA Foundation dam, and his sire's unequaled Quarter Horse pedigree, leaves no doubt that if you want to preserve some of the finest blood ever bred, then you should breed to an animal that carries the best in the history of two of the top ranked breed associations in the world!

Atahi gives baby his first horseback ride.As for "Atahi's" accomplishments in his limited showing, he beat the horse that two weeks later stood "Reserve National Champion-Bridle Path Hack" at the APHA National's. This was only "Atahi's" third time out of the barn! (I even had one of my 18 year old riding students showing him that day!) The horse he beat that day ended up being the "All-Time Leading Point Earner" (Bridle Path Hack) in the history of the American Paint Horse Association that year! "Atahi" has done everything I have ever asked of him and more. Whether it be jumping, cross country, working cattle, ponying an unruly youngster, teaching a student, giving a child their first horseback ride, or just safely getting me where I needed to go in conditions that no horse other than his sire, dam, or grandparents could have gotten me there, "Atahi" has met all challenges!

His success in the breeding barn has surpassed even the most critical breeder's expectations. Some of his offspring's accomplishments include many championships on the "A" hunter circuits, qualifying and showing at "The Washington International", Medal Class wins, and "A" show side saddle wins. One of his offspring was Open High Point Hunter on Long Island, New York, showing against thoroughbreds and warmbloods! This gelding was only 15-2 hands, showing against the 16-2+ hand hunters. As you can tell from how he ended up for the year, he was more than big enough for the job! "Atahi's" get also rein, and work cattle with flair as you would expect from his pedigree!

Click here for more information on the outstanding Foundation Quarter Horses of the past that are referred to above.


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